• Hayden’s Journey with Uniq Recycling: From Learning to Earning

  • At Uniq Recycling, we pride ourselves on fostering talent and opening doors to opportunities. Hayden’s Journey with Uniq Recycling showcases our dedication to talent development and highlights the power of opportunity, support, and the transformative impact of practical learning experiences.

    A Supported Path to Success

    Hayden’s journey began at Burton and South Derbyshire College (BSDC), where his ambition and passion for computing led him from a Foundation Learning course in Advance to Vocational Studies straight through to Level 1 and 2 courses in Computing. His dedication set the stage for a pivotal opportunity: a supported internship at Uniq Recycling.

    Supported internships are tailored programs designed to bridge the gap between education and employment for young people aged 16-24 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). These internships not only cater to the interns’ aspirations and abilities but also   genuine business needs, creating a symbiotic relationship between the intern and the organisation.

    Celebrating National Supported Internship Day

    Coinciding with National Supported Internship Day on March 27th, Hayden’s story underscores the significance of these programmes in fostering talent and driving positive outcomes not just for the interns themselves but also for the host organisations and the broader community.

    Hayden’s Journey with Uniq Recycling – Hayden’s Role and Growth at Uniq Recycling

    During his time with us, Hayden excelled in his role as an IT Technician, starting with removing hard drives and progressively taking on more responsibilities such as wiping data, network testing, and setting up mobile phones. His reliability, professionalism, and hard work were key factors in transitioning from an internship to paid employment.

    Hayden reflects on his experience with gratitude: “I think I was offered the job because I was reliable, honest, professional, and I worked hard to secure the position. IT is a hard industry to get into, so I feel very lucky to be in paid employment.”

    Uniq Recycling’s Commitment to Supporting Local Talent

    Lee Buckler, Director of Uniq Recycling, expressed his delight in witnessing Hayden’s development and the mutual benefits supported internships offer. “It has been so rewarding to see Hayden developing his skills, and we were delighted to offer him paid employment at the end of his placement,” he stated.

    This approach not only aids in the personal and professional growth of individuals like Hayden but also enriches our team and services at Uniq Recycling. We are a firm believer in the value of supported internships and encourage other companies to recognise and harness the potential of local students in similar ways.

    A Call to Action

    Hayden’s story is a testament to what can be achieved with the right support, opportunity, and determination. It highlights Uniq Recycling’s dedication to making a difference in the lives of young individuals and our commitment to the local community.

    We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Hayden for his accomplishments and look forward to seeing more success stories like his in the future. If you’re inspired by Hayden’s journey and interested in exploring how your business can support local talent, reach out to us. Let’s make a difference, together.


    Read the from Burton and South Derbyshire College here article here.

    From Learning to Earning: Hayden’s Journey with Uniq Recycling