• The removal of data from data bearing devices assists organisations to deal with responsibilities arising from the data protection act and with the GDPR legislation applicable from May 2018.

    Any devices containing confidential information can have the data securely removed using industry recognised software, or for 100% confidence we can shred the items in line with UK Government CESG standards. All of our data removal procedures ensure clients fulfil the most stringent security demands, including those set by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Certificates of data destruction are issued with each consignment for your records.

  • On/Off Site Data Destruction

    Physically destroying data sensitive items via shredding is available for hard drives as well as other types of media such as USB sticks, floppy discs and memory cards and all shredded material is recycled.

    For items where extra security is required we can even offer onsite shredding where we will come to you. Please note unlike our other services onsite shredding is chargeable. If you require this service please contact us with your requirements and we will provide a non-obligatory quote.

  • How It Works

    1. Contact us to book a collection
    2. IT Equipment is securely collected
    3. All devices removed of data and processed ready for reuse
    4. Unusable items disposed of in line with WEEE Directive
    5. Relevant duty of care documents and data removal certificates supplied
    6. Payment made where applicable
  • Contact Us

    To book a collection please contact us on…

    Telephone: 0800 6893157

    Email: info@uniqrecycling.co.uk