• IT Asset Buyback

    IT Asset Buyback: Unlock Value from Your Old IT Equipment

    At Uniq Recycling, we understand the importance of getting the most out of your IT assets. Our IT Asset Buyback service is designed to help businesses sell their used smartphones, laptops, PCs, and networking equipment while ensuring full compliance with environmental and data security standards.

    Our Collection Services Explained

    We are committed to making IT recycling as seamless as possible. With our tiered services, you can choose the option that best suits your needs:

    Tier 1 Service

    Criteria: Minimum 30 items, within 5 years of manufacture, in reusable condition.

    What You Get: Collection, Audit, Documentation, and a rebate.

    Tier 2 Service

    Criteria: Minimum 30 items, within 10 years of manufacture, in reusable condition.

    What You Get: Cost-neutral service including Collection, Audit, and Documentation.

    Tier 3 Service

    Criteria: Fewer than 30 items, within 10 years of manufacture.

    What You Get: Collection, Audit, and Documentation as a chargeable service.

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    Why Choose Uniq Recycling for IT Asset Buyback?

    Choosing Uniq Recycling means benefiting from a hassle-free service that prioritizes:

    • Full Environmental Compliance: Adhering to all environmental regulations to ensure responsible disposal.
    • Secure Data Erasure: Using industry-leading software to ensure complete data security.
    • A Full Audit Trail: Providing transparency and documentation for every asset.
    • Enhanced CSR: Meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility goals and receiving certification.
    • Onsite Solutions: Offering convenient onsite services to manage the process at your location.

    Our Process Explained

    1. Secure Collection

    Your devices are collected securely with our specially equipped vehicles, ensuring safe transport to our secure facilities.

    2. Assessment, Data Erasure & Valuation

    Every device undergoes a meticulous assessment by our trained technical team. Each device’s data is 100% removed safely and securely, and each device is valued, ensuring you get optimal returns or savings.

    3. Donate

    Choose your impact! Opt to donate the device’s value to charity or utilize it towards upgrading with our high-quality refurbished devices.

    4. Impact Reporting and Certifications

    We provide CSR impact reports, showcasing the difference your recycled tech makes. You will also receive comprehensive data erasure certificates to ensure full compliance.

    5. A New Life

    Devices are then refurbished and redistributed, either as reliable tech for a new user or contributing to a charitable cause. Any devices that cannot be repaired are broken down and recycled responsibly.

    At Uniq Recycling, we are dedicated to making IT asset management simple, secure, and sustainable. Partner with us to unlock the value of your old IT equipment while supporting environmental and social causes.

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