• Uniq Recycling Supports Burton Albion’s Mission to Ghana

  • At Uniq Recycling, we care a lot about supporting our local community. Uniq Recycling supports Burton Albion’s mission to Ghana, aiding Zoe Bailey’s journey with a generous donation.

    Zoe Bailey, is a dedicated member of the Burton Albion Football Club team, and will be partaking in a humanitarian journey to Ghana.

    A Generous Donation for a Noble Cause

    Zoe, who works in the Ticketing & Events department at the Pirelli Stadium, has signed up on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Woe, located in the Volta Region of Ghana—one of the nation’s poorest regions. 

    To support her mission, Uniq Recycling has contributed a generous donation of £500, funds that will directly support the efforts of the Burton Albion Community Trust’s (BACT) upcoming trip.

    Uniq Recycling’s donation aims not only to assist in the logistical aspects of the trip but to echo our commitment to global community initiatives and the empowerment of individuals dedicated to making a difference.

    A Life-Changing Adventure

    Operating in partnership with African Adventures, Zoe and a group of volunteers are set to depart on 23rd March. Their mission involves engaging in building projects such as; teaching local children and visiting maternity wards, all aimed at enriching the lives of the Woe community.

    Reflecting on last year’s achievements—constructing a school, completing a canteen started in 2022, and painting classrooms—this year’s team is dedicated to leave an even more significant impact.

    Uniq Recycling’s Commitment to Global Community Support

    Zoe’s commented, “The trip is so close now, and I’m just so excited to go. To have been supported by a second locally-based company is incredible, and I can’t thank Uniq Recycling enough for their support.”

    Paul Gaskin, Community Manager at BACT, shared his anticipation, emphasising the role of community support in making these initiatives possible, “Burton Albion is at the heart of its communities, and the response to this trip has been amazing.”

    Hayley Shorthouse, Managing Director of Uniq Recycling commented,As Zoe and the volunteer team prepare for their journey, Uniq Recycling stands in firm support. Our contribution to Zoe’s trip to Ghana reflects our broader vision of fostering positive change, not only within our immediate environment but globally.”

    Through actions like these, Uniq Recycling aims to inspire others to support meaningful causes, understanding that every bit of help can spark a significant transformation. 

    We look forward to seeing the impact Zoe and her team will make in Woe and continue to support initiatives that align with our commitment to sustainability, community, and global outreach.

    Contact us today to find out more about our community projects.

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    Uniq Recycling supports Burton Albion's mission to Ghana, aiding Zoe Bailey's journey with a generous donation.